Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ta Da - A Crochet Along

I have  had my eye on this 
Mandala Crochet Along 
for a while
I love anything with flowers

Its a crochet group
that I belong to on Facebook

I was finally at a spot
where I needed a new project

So...I went thru my stash 
and picked some colors
and got started

I worked thru row 66 and added my own border

500 stitches around is all
I could handle

I have never made a round blanket
and I think I never will again

Although I love the outcome
I just don't like 
keeping track of all those stitches

I crochet after work to unwind
and keeping track of 500 stitches
is stressful!!

Now to choose another project..

Thanks for visiting



Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fringed Flashback

I thought I would share
a bag pattern 
that I am having fun with

I had a request for this fringed bag
and when I first saw it
I was a little intimidated
 by the leather strap 
and setting rivets
But it was really easy!

I must say Im hooked on crocheting
these cute fringed bags
and its fun picking out
embellishments for the flap

I made the first one 
and one of the girls I work with 
fell in love with it
and bought it instantly!

After making these I decided to 
try a different color and handle type

The pre-made leather strap 
comes only in one size
and is not long enough
to wear as a cross body bag

So I made my own strap
from a faux leather fabric
I found at Hobby Lobby

The strap is adjustable so you can
wear over your shoulder or cross body

I liked making these so much 
I started looking around on Ravelry
and found this square
to make a smaller bag
for my granddaughter

I found a pre-made bag at Hobby Lobby
and made the square into a
rectangle to fit the bag

No sewing up the lining!!!

I have another larger bag 
from this square in the works

But first I need to finish
Christmas presents!

If you would like to make your
own fringed bag the pattern is here

Thanks for stopping by!!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Its been a while…..

I'm sorry I have been 
away for so long
I just found the need 
to step away for a while

But I'm back!

I have been crocheting away 
(amongst other creative endeavors)
This is a current project 
that I made as part of
my Halloween costume
We dress up at work 

Its been a looooong time
since I have used #10 thread and
a 1.00mm hook
This was very challenging
and it took me a few tries but
I was determined to make this!

These old eyes aren't what they
used to be

But once I got past the BLACK
thread it was pretty easy

I cant wait to wear it
with my whole get up!!

Anyone going to a 
Dia de Los Muertas celebration??
We have one here each year 
at Mission San Luis Rey
and its pretty amazing!

Thanks for having a look


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!

I thought I should 
take some pictures
of my decorations 
before I take them down

I have been collecting 
vintage glass ornaments
for years and last year 
I bought a silver tree 
that was on sale.

Here she is in all her glory!!

This santa was made by my mom
several years ago when she
was making porcelain dolls

 Other stuff around my apartment

A new snowman addition this year
made in a class I recently took
from Colleen Moody

Another new addition this year
a deer that I may leave up
all year round
(the ornaments are removable)

I hope you had a
Merry Christmas

I'm looking forward to a
New Year!!

Now for my current obsession

For me!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Little Sweater Love

I have been making
 a lot of jewelry lately 
and needed a little
crochet time.

I found this cute pattern
and made some little sweaters
for my sweet grand daughter
and a couple of friends

 I started with one

and they were so 
easy and fast
to make

That I couldn't stop

But now its time to get off
the couch and do something else!

Like dishes and laundry