Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bright Crochet Waves

I can't believe that its
been almost two months
since my last post

Where has the time gone??

I have been busily working on this
wavy blanket

With bright pink pom-poms
(tutorial here)

And lots of color

A fun birthday gift for my
oldest grand daughter
who's turning 8

Now back to weaving in the ends of this

So many ends
So little time

I love making these 
mixed stitch striped blankets
This is the third
But I hate weaving in the ends!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Other Obsession

I took a break this weekend
from crocheting to make some jewelry

My other obsession

I have had this idea in my head
and finally took the time to
see if it would work

I purchased some turquoise
stones at the 
Rose Bowl Flea Market
the last time I was there
and I wanted to see 
if I could solder 
one onto something

I had taken a class some time ago
to learn how to etch on copper
and made this copper heart

It went perfect with the stone
that kinda looks like a heart

I love how it turned out!

I have 3 more stones
waiting to be turned
into something


Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Better Way

I have been crocheting since 
I was about 10 or 11
and throughout my life 
I have gone thru phases
where I don't crochet at all
and times like now
where all I seem to do
in my spare time is crochet

I love how Pinterest
(a current addiction)
has allowed me to find
new ways to do old things
Whenever I think "there has to be
 a better way to do this"
I start searching thru my pins on 
Pinterest and explore my options

Since I have been making 
a lot of granny squares lately
I find standing double crochets
look a lot better than 
a chain 3 for starting a round
They look just like a regular
double crochet

Here is a great tutorial on
how to start a new row with a
standing double crochet

Using this method leaves both ends
of your yarn at the top of the stitch
I just tie them together and
weave in the ends across the
top of my stitches
That way I can just crochet
over them in the next round

I LOVE not having all the ends
to weave in when Im done!!

Another great find is this
"Magic Knot"
to join my yarn

Its truly is magic!!!

I also like to use this
 standing double crochet
to start my rows

  Being the perfectionist that I am
(yes I will admit this)
I think these truly are better ways
to make my crocheting look better

I hope you will too!!


Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Silver Tree

For a while I have been wanting
a vintage silver Christmas tree
I looked at them on Etsy and
Ebay and even told Tracy
(at my favorite place to 
get all things vintage)
to keep an eye out for one

A few weeks ago I went into
Kohls to buy a bra...
my least favorite thing
in the world to do...
and spotted 2 seven foot silver trees
sitting in the center of the 
Christmas clearance aisle

They had been used as display trees
for their Christmas ornaments
and I had lovingly admired them
the last time I was there
After looking at their website
to see if I could have one
of my very own
I found out that those
trees were $499.99!!
Don't think so

I looked...walked away..
looked again…walked away 
…and came back again
It was calling my name..
Robin come back
You need me

After having a discuss 
with the store manager
(because I had a price of $100 or less in my head)
it was decided that I
could have an additional
30% off the $124.99 price

YES…silver tree 
you will be coming home with me!!

So I brought it home
and set it in my living room
Admiring my new tree each day
I didn't want to put it away
for a   l o n g   year

I decided it needed a skirt
to match my collection of
vintage Shiny Brites
that will adorn it next year

So I went thru my stash of
yarn and found the colors
I wanted and it all
came together

I picked up some buttons
at Walmart and
another project complete!

It looks great under my tree

I love the pom pom edge

The pattern for the tree skirt
can be found here at
(image from her blog)

I did add the 
buttons and pom pom edge
(tutorial on a previous post)

I will be retiring
my little pink tree

♥I still love you little pink tree

 I have already started
another project

Imagine that!

Crochet on…


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

Its nice to start off the new year 
with a finished project

My daughter wanted a blanket
with green, purple and a little pink
I teased her that she wanted an
Easter egg blanket

I tried a few patterns that
well...just didn't work out
with these colors
So I resorted back to my 
favorite - the granny square

I love making granny squares
they go so fast and
its mindless crochet
in front of the TV

 She didn't want a pom-pom edge
so I went with something
more simple

This thing weights 6 pounds!
It's going to cost me
a fortune to ship it
I didn't think about that

I hope the New Year is
everything you want it to be!!