Thursday, October 29, 2015

Its been a while…..

I'm sorry I have been 
away for so long
I just found the need 
to step away for a while

But I'm back!

I have been crocheting away 
(amongst other creative endeavors)
This is a current project 
that I made as part of
my Halloween costume
We dress up at work 

Its been a looooong time
since I have used #10 thread and
a 1.00mm hook
This was very challenging
and it took me a few tries but
I was determined to make this!

These old eyes aren't what they
used to be

But once I got past the BLACK
thread it was pretty easy

I cant wait to wear it
with my whole get up!!

Anyone going to a 
Dia de Los Muertas celebration??
We have one here each year 
at Mission San Luis Rey
and its pretty amazing!

Thanks for having a look


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!

I thought I should 
take some pictures
of my decorations 
before I take them down

I have been collecting 
vintage glass ornaments
for years and last year 
I bought a silver tree 
that was on sale.

Here she is in all her glory!!

This santa was made by my mom
several years ago when she
was making porcelain dolls

 Other stuff around my apartment

A new snowman addition this year
made in a class I recently took
from Colleen Moody

Another new addition this year
a deer that I may leave up
all year round
(the ornaments are removable)

I hope you had a
Merry Christmas

I'm looking forward to a
New Year!!

Now for my current obsession

For me!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Little Sweater Love

I have been making
 a lot of jewelry lately 
and needed a little
crochet time.

I found this cute pattern
and made some little sweaters
for my sweet grand daughter
and a couple of friends

 I started with one

and they were so 
easy and fast
to make

That I couldn't stop

But now its time to get off
the couch and do something else!

Like dishes and laundry


Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Renewed Love for Soldering

Last Sunday 
I had a soldering class
with the very talented
Debby Anderson

I have always loved making
soldered jewelry
but haven't really put in
enough practice to be good at

It takes a LOT of practice!!

This class renewed my love
for soldering and
I have been practicing a lot
 over the past week

The class was held at
Michelle Hurtt's new studio
Vintage Bloom in Tustin

Photo by Debby Anderson
It was so much fun spending
the day with my creative friends
Sally, Margo and Kathie
who also took the class

I made this piece in class

This is what I have been working on 
over the past week 

The aqua beads are handmade too

And theres more on my table
in various stages
ready to be finished

Im off to finish them!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Modern Chevron

My son and his wife 
just bought their first home
and I have been working on
a housewarming gift

A modern version of the 60's chevron
I love the way it turned out

I used this pattern
from All Things Bright and Beautiful

I used I Love This Yarn
from Hobby Lobby

And I do LOVE this yarn
Its so soft and cuddly
I got the pattern here

I even had enough yarn left over
to make a matching pillow

I used this chevron stitch
for the pillow and
added vintage buttons

After making so many other blankets
with lots of ends to weave in
this one was a breeze!!

Im having a hard time 
waiting until they move in
to give it to them
...less than a week…
I can do it!!