Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's your color???

Ok so I’m trying to pick a color for my bedroom walls.

This is what my wall looks like right now.  And I still don't see THE color on the wall that I have in my head. 


Aqua Walls With Wainscoting

I'm thinking robin’s egg blue ….or that 50’s aqua blue that's so popular now.  My room doesn't get a lot of light and everything seems to be a different color on the wall than on that little square in the store.  Everything I pick is too bright or too blue. 


………..anyone out there in blogland have a color that they love and could recommend??? 



  1. Hi Robin, We painted a room this color and all I have to say is, go with the lightest color of it, otherwise it looks too dark. I now wish we would have gone with the palest color, almost white with just a touch of blue and you will be happy. Terri

  2. I am with Terri. We have had so many experiences of trying twenty different shades, only to find that the lightest is the most liveable and what we stay with the longest.


  3. Hi Robin! I am so sorry I am so late in getting back to you about the sorority! You are in - no problem!
    As for your Robin Egg Blue - I think you should go visit Elyse at Cottage - She is on my sidebar and also on the Sorority blog list. SHe does lots of blue things in her home, and I'll bet she has the perfect color for you!
    Go check her out!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds


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