Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Better Way

I have been crocheting since 
I was about 10 or 11
and throughout my life 
I have gone thru phases
where I don't crochet at all
and times like now
where all I seem to do
in my spare time is crochet

I love how Pinterest
(a current addiction)
has allowed me to find
new ways to do old things
Whenever I think "there has to be
 a better way to do this"
I start searching thru my pins on 
Pinterest and explore my options

Since I have been making 
a lot of granny squares lately
I find standing double crochets
look a lot better than 
a chain 3 for starting a round
They look just like a regular
double crochet

Here is a great tutorial on
how to start a new row with a
standing double crochet

Using this method leaves both ends
of your yarn at the top of the stitch
I just tie them together and
weave in the ends across the
top of my stitches
That way I can just crochet
over them in the next round

I LOVE not having all the ends
to weave in when Im done!!

Another great find is this
"Magic Knot"
to join my yarn

Its truly is magic!!!

I also like to use this
 standing double crochet
to start my rows

  Being the perfectionist that I am
(yes I will admit this)
I think these truly are better ways
to make my crocheting look better

I hope you will too!!



  1. I so agree with you, Pinterest is a wealth of information and I can get pretty obsessed looking at things. Yesterday I was researching the linen stitch for a kint scarf, so many great options to look at.

  2. I wish I had come across the Standing Double Crochet years ago, it is the only way for me. And the Magic Ring is ... well .... magical!
    Pat xx


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