Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fringed Flashback

I thought I would share
a bag pattern 
that I am having fun with

I had a request for this fringed bag
and when I first saw it
I was a little intimidated
 by the leather strap 
and setting rivets
But it was really easy!

I must say Im hooked on crocheting
these cute fringed bags
and its fun picking out
embellishments for the flap

I made the first one 
and one of the girls I work with 
fell in love with it
and bought it instantly!

After making these I decided to 
try a different color and handle type

The pre-made leather strap 
comes only in one size
and is not long enough
to wear as a cross body bag

So I made my own strap
from a faux leather fabric
I found at Hobby Lobby

The strap is adjustable so you can
wear over your shoulder or cross body

I liked making these so much 
I started looking around on Ravelry
and found this square
to make a smaller bag
for my granddaughter

I found a pre-made bag at Hobby Lobby
and made the square into a
rectangle to fit the bag

No sewing up the lining!!!

I have another larger bag 
from this square in the works

But first I need to finish
Christmas presents!

If you would like to make your
own fringed bag the pattern is here

Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Super pretty! I'm making mine as well but its not finished yet.

  2. love your color interpretation of the pattern! thanks for sharing:)

  3. Adorable bags - love your work! I also love your business name and page design. Could you tell me where the drawing of the frog and the fairy came from?

  4. Robin, please disregard my request in the previous post - I was able to find the site. But thank you for posting that wonderful illustration!

  5. Hello I have went to the page that says the patterens are on but there is no patterens there.
    I would really like to get the patterens if I can please.



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