Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moulin Rouge & the Uninvited Guest

This is what your place looks like when you spend a few days getting ready for Moulin Rouge, four days crafting, eating, shopping and having fun…..and then get sick the day after you get home. 

You are then in bed for 3 and a half days. 

Unable to unpack your wonderful things that you bought, were given and swapped.  (and dirty clothes)


Moaning, coughing and being hot then cold. 

Your things strewn about ~ both the items that didn't make the cut and the things that went & came back.  Now stacked ALL over. 

My dinner there in the red coffee cup…chicken noodle soup & seven up.  My first full day back to work was today.  You see I am the bookkeeper and no one else can do my job but me….so it waits for me to come back. 

Piles of it. 

HA…just like the piles at home waiting for me.


There's the mail and the note I TAPED to the door so the man child could remember a couple things. 

And a cool basket that I got at the Long Beach Flea Market…..that we attended for …well…..a blink of an eye because of the rain storm.


Unfinished class projects and swaps…all waiting for me when I feel better. DSC06022


Oh….and my studio..a mess too!!


And a naked girl…..she was wearing my can can girl outfit. 


BUT…..I'm feeling much better.  Until I look around me.  I'm just glad I didn't get sick until I got home.  Guess you know what I'm doing this weekend…..well at least Saturday. 

I signed up for Denise Hahn's birdcage class Sunday…..makes me feel better just thinking about it!!

And if you want to see the most amazing blog post from Moulin Rouge check hers out.   

Its like I was there again.

Moulin Rouge was the best event

I ever attended!!  Kim you are awesome.

I'm going to bed now…..cough….cough..sniff




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moulin Rouge here I come…..

Been busy making necklaces. 

I'm hosting a swap.


  Have you ever seen so much bling???



Aren't they wonderful??DSC05906

Tomorrow is the day……{{ squeal }} !!

I can hardly wait