Friday, July 19, 2013

A Modern Granny

This is the current project
that I am obsessed with
right now

My modern color version 
of the 
granny square afghan
......for me

Im doing seven rows
of random color
 with 1 row of cream

Look what I found 
at the Goodwill
to keep my yarn in

This is the best $4.99
I have spent in a long time

When I saw it I knew
exactly what I was
going to use it for

No more piles of tangled
yarn around my feet
or digging around
in the basket

Its all right there
next to the sofa
and I can choose which
color to use next


Two more rows of squares
to go.....then to choose
an edging!

I love the way 
it is
turing out
Granny squares go pretty fast!