Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Renewed Love for Soldering

Last Sunday 
I had a soldering class
with the very talented
Debby Anderson

I have always loved making
soldered jewelry
but haven't really put in
enough practice to be good at

It takes a LOT of practice!!

This class renewed my love
for soldering and
I have been practicing a lot
 over the past week

The class was held at
Michelle Hurtt's new studio
Vintage Bloom in Tustin

Photo by Debby Anderson
It was so much fun spending
the day with my creative friends
Sally, Margo and Kathie
who also took the class

I made this piece in class

This is what I have been working on 
over the past week 

The aqua beads are handmade too

And theres more on my table
in various stages
ready to be finished

Im off to finish them!