Sunday, March 24, 2013

Who-o-o Who-o-o

I made this 
cute little project 
for my 
Knit/Crochet group swap

He's a TP cover

I finally found a use
for the crocodile stitch

I think he turned out pretty cute!!

I want to keep him......


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mountain of "Stuff"

I really need to clean this out 

Its become out of control

 Its the place where I just
"stash stuff"

Now I don't know what 
is in there

But today 
I would rather be doing

At least till 1:30 
when I will go sit in the salon chair
....well you know

"wash away the grey"


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dead Bug Society

I had the opportunity 
to take a couple days off work 
and take a soldering workshop
with Sally Jean

Her classes are always a mystery
You have a class title
a supply list 
and a snippet of a picture
......thats it

This workshop was

This is my finished
Bug Box

I didn't quite finish it 
in two days...

 But I worked on it Saturday 
and finished it

At home I had all my 
supplies to choose from

I added some little bottles
that I filled with eggs

And a dead moth that I found

I love the little hornet

These little bugs were challenging but I have been practicing my soldering skills and it seemed to get easier the more I made

The dragon fly was fun to make

I just love my little bugs

Im over the moon
happy with this project

I see more bugs in my future
The soldered kind of course