Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Put the hook down........

I am addicted to crocheting.

I will admit that. 
I learned when I was very young. 

(Flower pattern here Attic 24 - you will LOVE her blog!!)

But I LOVE color.

You can put your project aside 
and pick it up again at any time.

And small projects are completed quickly 
with great satisfaction.

 (See this post for valance pattern)

I love the bright flowers.  
They're fun to make.

My projects are one-of-a-kind and 
you can match anything.

(valance pattern here and picture here )
And I like that you can get so many patterns off the internet for free. 

I got all these that way. 
If you check me out 
on Pinterest 
(another addiction) 
you will find them all....
and a lot more.

This project is in the works.

A very large afghan for someone special.
Hope its done by Christmas!