Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rainbow Unicorn

A few days ago I was looking thru
Pinterest and came across 
a unicorn beanie at Repeat Crafter Me

I do have to admit I let out
a little grand daughter
is obsessed with unicorns

Especially RAINBOW unicorns

Being the yarn hoarder that I am
I had everything I needed
except the green yarn

The beanie was easy

But the mane and the ears
took a couple tries
to get them right

I did modify the ears
and added a couple rows 
to the horn
unicorn does need a
substancial horn ya know

Im tickled with the 
way it turned out
and I can't wait
to see the look on her face
when I give it to her


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little Pumpkins

I work in a 
senior apartment community 
and once a month 
I teach a craft class

This was our last class

Little pumpkins made from sweaters

They are fun and easy to make

 These are going to seniors
 when the girls at work
do their home visits

A little pumpkin 
and some goodies 
to put a smile 
on someones face