Saturday, December 28, 2013

This and That

I did get a chance 
to take a couple 
of pictures of the 
Christmas tree skirt
but they didn't turn out 
too well at night
I will try another time
in the daylight

I have been working on a
granny square blanket 
for my daughter in the
colors of her choice

I call them easter egg colors

I have a few squares to go
then the border
I think I will do pom-poms

Or will that be to juvenile?

I have already collected yarn
for my next project

I think I have a crochet addiction...


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blue waves

I have been working on this blanket
for almost a year its finally done!

I wanted my 6' son
to be able to wrap up in it
so its a very LARGE blanket

It has the feel of ocean waves

 All in blues & greens

I folded it up
sat it on the couch
and it was like
a cat magnet

Why do my cats like to lay
 on everything that I crochet???

I finished this tree skirt too
but forgot to take pictures of
it all done before I gave it away

I used mostly leftover yarn

Fortunately I gave it to
someone that lives nearby
so when I go over there
next time I will take pictures
of it around their tree

I used the pom pom edge on it
and it turned out really cute!

I will post pictures soon.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beanie Marathon Weekend

The weather is 
getting cold again
which means 
its time for beanies!

I had a request 
from a little someone
who lives in Oregon 
for some new beanies
so I spent the weekend
crocheting beanies

They are a fun little distraction

Quick and easy to make

And they help de-stash

My ever growing pile of yarn

And now back to 
afghan crocheting….
I'm finishing up a 


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Spellbound Swap

Next week
I will be headed to
Pasadena for the most
amazing art retreat

Im excited to see
my roomie Sue again
and lavish in the
fun and excitement
this event brings

Sue is hosting
a fun zip bag swap
that I have been
working on
all week

This is before 
I added the embellishments

Here they are all done

Stuffed with goodies
and ready to go!!

5 more sleeps till


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rainbow Unicorn

A few days ago I was looking thru
Pinterest and came across 
a unicorn beanie at Repeat Crafter Me

I do have to admit I let out
a little grand daughter
is obsessed with unicorns

Especially RAINBOW unicorns

Being the yarn hoarder that I am
I had everything I needed
except the green yarn

The beanie was easy

But the mane and the ears
took a couple tries
to get them right

I did modify the ears
and added a couple rows 
to the horn
unicorn does need a
substancial horn ya know

Im tickled with the 
way it turned out
and I can't wait
to see the look on her face
when I give it to her


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little Pumpkins

I work in a 
senior apartment community 
and once a month 
I teach a craft class

This was our last class

Little pumpkins made from sweaters

They are fun and easy to make

 These are going to seniors
 when the girls at work
do their home visits

A little pumpkin 
and some goodies 
to put a smile 
on someones face


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pom Pom Edge

I was looking 
for a cute border
to put on 
a granny square blanket
I just finished 
and came across this

I needed to modify it 
for my blanket
and wanted 
to remember how I did it
so I thought I would post 
how I did it here

I just love this cute pom pom stitch 

To start join with 
a single crochet
then chain 6

3 double crochet
in 3rd chain from hook 
holding back last stitch
of each double crochet
on your hook

You will have 4 stitches
on your hook
Yarn over and pull thru all loops
(cluster stitch made)

Chain 3

Make a second cluster stitch 
in the loop that closed
 your first cluster stitch

Join with a slip stitch
where your first cluster begins

To do this 
go thru the stitch
leaving 1 part of the stitch 
in the back
 and 2 parts in the front

Chain 3
Single crochet in your next space

There you have it....

Cute little pompoms
along the edge
of your blanket

They do take 
a little while
to make 
are well worth
cute factor
that they give
to my blanket!!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I love color!!

This was a fun little project
that I have been wanting
to make

I had this small green table 
from Ikea
that needed a little something

I dug thru my box of cotton yarn
and picked some bright colors

And now I have a cute little 
cover for my table


Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Perfect Gift

I have been steadily working
on this colorful blanket
for the last few weeks

Before work, after work

While at the salon getting
my hair done

On my lunch break at work


its finally done


how it turned out

Its a birthday present
 for my granddaughter
and I'm thinking she
will love it too
(she already accidentally saw it in the back of my car and said "Nana thats a pretty blanket")

With the yarn I have left
I started this

It going a lot faster 
than having to 
count the stitches on each row
and make sure that
the pattern I chose
works with the stitch count

I cant wait to give it to her
but I will be sad to see it go

Its one of my favorite projects ever