Sunday, March 28, 2010

{Quick & Easy Fun Project}

Yesterday I decided to do something that I haven't done for a long time.  I was surfing the internet {no not that and I spend waaaaay tooo much time doing that} and came across something I used to LOVE to do when I was a kid.  I thought you might enjoy this fun quick little project and you can get the kiddos involved too!! 


Paper Mache eggs.


This is one of those projects that you probably have everything you need already. 


Take one of those plastic Easter eggs {ya know the ones that you find everywhere around the house after Easter} some Modge Podge and an old pattern cut into strips and you too can have one of these …

DSC03277  DSC03279

……a basket of cute little eggs just like this.  I just love the one that says McCall's.  I'm thinking about putting some gold speckles on them………what do you think?


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I’m on a Roll….

I’m loving this image and sewing up a storm.  I do all kinds of crafts, but my comfort craft is sewing.  So this weekend I created this….


and this…….

and this……..

and a little whimsy with this……

I used vintage lace, buttons and jewelry on the dress form pillows……and I just LOVE how they turned out. 

These are listed on my Etsy …………. I'm thinking its about time I get something in my empty shop!!



Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter’s on its way……

I am really enjoying making pillows right now.  They are easy and so much fun to make.  I came across this image on Flickr from Bygone Times and just loved it!!!

Bygone Times flickr

So I thought I should make a pillow for my grand daughter with it.  I had this cute pink Easter print and waala………a pillow.



I hope her mommy likes it.  Thanks Bygone times for sharing your images. 

Now on to make one for the other grand daughter.



Another Brag Monday…….

A few weeks ago I found Karen’s blog The Graphics Fairy.  What’s better than FREE graphics???   I had fun going thru the graphics there and chose this image for another pillow.


For some reason right now my obsession is this dress form……I would love to have a vintage one of these but I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon.

Wolf Dress Form

So I guess for now I will settle for a picture of one on my pillow.  


The skirt is a piece of vintage lace that Sue sent me.  I just LOVE the way it turned out.  

Thanks Karen for all your wonderful images.  She even takes requests!!

Now onto Easter pillows!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Something I Made……

Last month I was in a heart charm swap on the Marie Mail Art group.  I received LOTS of gold tone and glass hearts. 


The second part of the swap was to make something from the hearts I received.  Soooo I pulled out my jewelry making supplies and auditioned several chains. 


The one I chose is a vintage chain that I purchased on vendor night at Silver Bella - I just loved it and had to have it. 


Just something I made…..and I just LOVE it!!




Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Little Studio

Well I finally made it down to Ikea in San Diego to get the new light for over my studio desk.  Its amazing that this little box…..



holds my new light.  So I opened the box


and this is what was inside.  So here we go...snap the sides to the top and bottom..


add the petals (they look like petals to me)


half way done. 



Ta daaaaa . . . . . . .

I have a new light in my studio.



A few months ago I turned my dining room into a  studio.  I moved all the dining room furniture to the garage (we never eat there anyway) I painted and bought a new wall unit and desk from Ikea.  I just love it!!  I have so much storage now.  Then last week when one of the residents where I work moved out she left this.. 


A matching wall unit and best of all it was free!!!


I feel so organized now and it looks good too!!  Dare I show you the before pictures???



What a difference huh???


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Karma can finally show her face. 

I LOVE vintage laces.  A couple months ago I sent an email to Sue, a Silver Bella sister, to find out where she finds hers beautiful vintage laces.   I sat next to Sue in Pam Garrison’s class at SB and she had the most awesome vintage laces and bits for her projects.   She replied that she usually finds them at auctions and has been collecting for years…….. and if I would like she would share some with me.  OHHHH how exciting!!!  Of course I would love it!!  I could hardly wait.    A few days later a package arrive in the mail for me and it was from Sue.  


I could hardly wait to see what was inside. 


There was this…..


And this….


And this……..


All tied with beautiful bows….



Such yummy vintage lovelies…..


And it was all mine……I felt so lucky!!

DSC02591 DSC02604

I wanted to thank Sue, but I had to wait till her package arrived to introduce you to …………


Karma.  A special fairy I made just for Sue. 


Thanks for sharing Sue!!


I hope you enjoy having her around as much as I enjoyed making her!!  I just LOVE to make dolls. 



Sue was so sweet to share with me so Karma came her way………..



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girls Day Out

This weekend my granddaughter Savannah came to stay with me.   We started the weekend by stopping at Good Will on the way home from work Friday night…….she loves to buy dresses.  We always find something for her, in fact usually we find lots of things!!  She loves to thrift store shop with her nana.  This is her favorite find….a velvety purple dress with little flowers all over it.  She LOVED it so much she wanted to wear it to bed!! 

I asked her what it was that she liked so much about the dress.  Was it because it was purple?  Was it because it was fuzzy and comfy?  Nope it was because it had a bow. 


Saturday we were up early and headed down to San Diego to Ikea….my favorite store to buy things for my apartment. 

Ok ready to go….got my cupcake purse (full of goodies including hidden chocolate) that nana made for me and my magnifying glass.



How do you like my flower hat??


I bought my wall unit and desk for my studio at Ikea and I needed more storage boxes.  Then there’s that lighting  fixture that I have had my eye on that I want to put over my desk.  The fun thing about Ikea is they have a play area for the kids while you shop (and only for one hour so you cant get into too much trouble) then after you shop there are hot dogs and yummy cinnamon rolls on the way out.  Next we headed to Cool Scrapbook Stuff and Stamping Details in Poway – conveniently located just down the street from where my daughter lives.   As I was checking out at the last store Savannah was helping me put things on the counter.  The lady commented on what a good helper she was for mom.  Savannah replied “she’s my mom’s mom not my mom”. 

After shopping of course we had to stop by the park.





Another fun girls day out……now my little shopper must go back home to mom.  I’m having fun with this one because my daughter doesn't like shopping thrift & craft stores.