Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I’m on a Roll….

I’m loving this image and sewing up a storm.  I do all kinds of crafts, but my comfort craft is sewing.  So this weekend I created this….


and this…….

and this……..

and a little whimsy with this……

I used vintage lace, buttons and jewelry on the dress form pillows……and I just LOVE how they turned out. 

These are listed on my Etsy …………. I'm thinking its about time I get something in my empty shop!!




  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Please tell me you have an Etsy shop??????

  2. these are just stunningly wonderful! Petra.xx

  3. OH WOW you are talented or what!! I have never seen those before. You did such a great job, it's so precious! I am following you now, come follow me. I would like to be your friend :)

  4. Your pillows are beautiful and I love what you did in your art space.

  5. Doh! I guess I read right past the bottom that said Etsy shop. It's been one of those weeks folks! ;)

  6. Love the pillows and the studio makeover is wonderful! Is it still that clean?


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