Monday, October 10, 2016

Mummy Fun

I love Halloween
...and fall 
...and Dia de los Muertas

I'm having fun making these mummies
to use in my jewelry

I saw them on Pinterest
and knew I had to make some

Mine are made from beads
and paper clay

This wrap necklace/bracelet
has a smaller mummy

This necklace has a larger mummy
using a larger bead

I made some skeleton earrings
from these beads too...

I love these skeleton beads!!!

Do you love Halloween 
and Dia de los Muertas too???


Friday, September 30, 2016

My Two Favorite Things - Crochet & Beads!

I thought I would share an 
online class that I just love

I have taken several classes 
with Robin Dudley-Howes and
her current online class called

You only use a basic chain stitch
and maybe a few single crochets 
around the larger beads

I am addicted to making these!!

They combine my two favorite things

♥ Crochet and beads ♥

I just love they way they turned out

You should give them a try!

But I'm warning you
They are addicting to make!

Thanks for stopping by
now go crochet 


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ta Da - A Crochet Along

I have  had my eye on this 
Mandala Crochet Along 
for a while
I love anything with flowers

Its a crochet group
that I belong to on Facebook

I was finally at a spot
where I needed a new project

So...I went thru my stash 
and picked some colors
and got started

I worked thru row 66 and added my own border

500 stitches around is all
I could handle

I have never made a round blanket
and I think I never will again

Although I love the outcome
I just don't like 
keeping track of all those stitches

I crochet after work to unwind
and keeping track of 500 stitches
is stressful!!

Now to choose another project..

Thanks for visiting