Sunday, September 23, 2012

Floral Mohair Wrap - Done!

Finally.....its done and 

I  {{LOVE}} it 

I have never crocheted with 
mohair before and it was 
challenging at first

But after a while I got the 
rhythm of the yarn 
(I did have to rip out a couple wasn't easy)

Its soft and kinda fuzzy 

....and I can hardly wait to wear it

I have lots of yarn left 
and some other colors

 I think I will start another
....maybe a poncho?


Saturday, September 22, 2012

And the winner is.....


Who woulda thought???

I love it when I am presented with the opportunity to be 
creative at work
After all my job is  
Bookkeeper and 
Administrative Assistant 
for a 163 unit 
senior retirement community

Nothing creative about that!

Every year our home office 
has a contest
(although at the time 
I didnt know it was a contest)
for the Activities coordinators in each community to present the 
programs and activities 
that we have had
throughout the year a creative way

Well for some reason 
(which I will respectfully not disclose)
our activities coordinator had done nothing, it was Friday, 
and the project was due in 
Seattle the next Tuesday

My boss called me in her office and 
presented me with her dilemma 
- overtime approved - 
do what you need to 
get this project done

Welcome to 
**Fairwinds Five Star Fun Circus**

I went to Michaels,
 wandered around to gather ideas 
and see what was available the last minute

I took a lampshade, covered it in 
red & white striped paper 
and made a base for my tent

  I used poster board to make 
the blue tent top

The circus images I have been 
collecting on Pinterest

I found some cute popcorn bags 
that I placed around the tent 
to hold the rolled up flyers 
(that had each event on it)
and other fun things that 
had our info in it

Inside the circus tent I placed fun things with wording that represented our programs

The main presentation is a banner 

Where each pendant flips open 
to reveal the required info
(let me tell you formatting the
info to fit in that triangle was NOT fun)

I attached the banner ribbon to the underside of the tent top so when you pull off the lid
 the banner strings out.  
(wish I had a picture of this but I relied on 
someone else at work to take the pictures 
before they sent it off 
and I guess they didn't read my mind)

Inside I used fun little balloons 
to keep things from rattling around 
during shipping.

So there you have it....

**Fairwinds Five Star Circus**

It was a stressful looong weekend, 
but the results were worth it!!
(and I got Monday off!)

I LOVE a good creative challenge!

Im anxious to see what the prize is...
I know part of it is a trip to Seattle!!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Im going to sit here all day and crochet!!

Friday night was my daughters graduation from Paul Mitchell School

They had a fashion show and my 
grand daughter was in it

Then spent all Saturday 
(it was 100 degrees!!)
at Legoland....
mostly at the water park

Today Im going to sit here all day 
and work on this

My idea of fun...


Friday, September 14, 2012

Hurry hurry hurry

When I was in the yarn store the other day they didn't have all the colors to make this so I picked some I though would work 

I wasnt happy with how 
it was turning out

So today I broke down and 
ordered the yarn

Don't ya hate when that happens???

Now I must wait....
Why aren't there more local yarn stores???


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Have a cupcake

The cupcake purse
that cost me $108 cuz I bought more yarn

Im pleased with the way it turned out

I found the pattern on Ravelry
I modified it a little

I LOVE that website and visit often!!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Marie

Last month I hosted a little book 
necklace swap on the 
Marie Antoinette 
group I belong to.

This is my little book.

In addition to books, we all made 
charms and I made them into necklaces.

Little books made by (LtoR) Marti McClure,Lisa Hessabi, Robin Sanchez, Terri Gordon, Lorraine Beaumont 

These little books are so 
easy and fun to make.

Look how beautiful they are on a necklace.

This would make a fun gift - 
you could leave the inside blank for the recipient to fill.

The tutorial is here


Monday, September 3, 2012

Cant wait for Halloween!

Recently I received some fun charms 
from a swaps I was in.

I LOVE Halloween
so I had to join Roni's 
Halloween charm swap.  
The swap was for 5 charms.
Now I have been gathering charms for a while to make a Halloween necklace so I was excited when my package arrived!! 

I had some time this weekend so I sat down and created this.

It turned out even better 
than I imagined.
I LOVE it!!

Now that Im looking at it I can see that I forgot to put my little spell book on it.


Looks like I have a little 
re-arranging to do.

I had some fun with shrink 
plastic too.  I bought the kind 
you can print on and used some 
vintage images I found on Pinterest.

The cat, bats, Ouija Board and poison label are all from shrink plastic.  

Since I had the shrink plastic out 
I wanted to play with 
it a little more.

I saw a heart collage sheet on Pinterest and thought it would make a cute necklace.

This stuff is FUN!!

  So now I can hardly wait till
October so I can wear my necklace!

Oh....and I did crochet a little 
too this 3 day weekend...ok a lot.

I finally found the yarn I needed for the cupcake purse my daughter wants.
Yes my 23 year old daughter wants a 
cupcake purse.

And I do have to admit I did buy some really 
cool mohair yarn for the shawl on the cover 
of the Vogue Crochet magazine

Thats why I didn't want to go 
to the yarn store.

I have no willpower once I open that 
door to the yarn store...