Monday, September 3, 2012

Cant wait for Halloween!

Recently I received some fun charms 
from a swaps I was in.

I LOVE Halloween
so I had to join Roni's 
Halloween charm swap.  
The swap was for 5 charms.
Now I have been gathering charms for a while to make a Halloween necklace so I was excited when my package arrived!! 

I had some time this weekend so I sat down and created this.

It turned out even better 
than I imagined.
I LOVE it!!

Now that Im looking at it I can see that I forgot to put my little spell book on it.


Looks like I have a little 
re-arranging to do.

I had some fun with shrink 
plastic too.  I bought the kind 
you can print on and used some 
vintage images I found on Pinterest.

The cat, bats, Ouija Board and poison label are all from shrink plastic.  

Since I had the shrink plastic out 
I wanted to play with 
it a little more.

I saw a heart collage sheet on Pinterest and thought it would make a cute necklace.

This stuff is FUN!!

  So now I can hardly wait till
October so I can wear my necklace!

Oh....and I did crochet a little 
too this 3 day weekend...ok a lot.

I finally found the yarn I needed for the cupcake purse my daughter wants.
Yes my 23 year old daughter wants a 
cupcake purse.

And I do have to admit I did buy some really 
cool mohair yarn for the shawl on the cover 
of the Vogue Crochet magazine

Thats why I didn't want to go 
to the yarn store.

I have no willpower once I open that 
door to the yarn store...



  1. I adore your Halloween necklace -- what a scream! Your shrink plastic charms are so darn cute too. TFS! :)

  2. The necklace is soooo cool! Just love all those lovely dangly bits! I have yet to try the shrink plastic but I have only heard fabulous things about it. Thanks for sharing your latest creation, Robin!

  3. Super Cute Stuff! Love that charm bracelet!

  4. If you had willpower in a yarn store then we would all think you were crazy. Those charms are terrific, and Halloween is my fav.

  5. Wow!! Your necklace is fabulous. I haven't worked with shrink wrap. Where do you get it and are there instructions on how to use it?

    1. Bernadette its Shrinky Dinks plastic and I bought mine at Michaels. They have 2 types - one that you can run thru your printer and one that you can stamp/draw on. There are instructions with the product.

  6. I love the charm bracelet and the necklace. Do you have an etsy page?

  7. I love shrink plastic! I have a whole bunch and need to do some more with it. Love your necklace!


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