Saturday, December 28, 2013

This and That

I did get a chance 
to take a couple 
of pictures of the 
Christmas tree skirt
but they didn't turn out 
too well at night
I will try another time
in the daylight

I have been working on a
granny square blanket 
for my daughter in the
colors of her choice

I call them easter egg colors

I have a few squares to go
then the border
I think I will do pom-poms

Or will that be to juvenile?

I have already collected yarn
for my next project

I think I have a crochet addiction...


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blue waves

I have been working on this blanket
for almost a year its finally done!

I wanted my 6' son
to be able to wrap up in it
so its a very LARGE blanket

It has the feel of ocean waves

 All in blues & greens

I folded it up
sat it on the couch
and it was like
a cat magnet

Why do my cats like to lay
 on everything that I crochet???

I finished this tree skirt too
but forgot to take pictures of
it all done before I gave it away

I used mostly leftover yarn

Fortunately I gave it to
someone that lives nearby
so when I go over there
next time I will take pictures
of it around their tree

I used the pom pom edge on it
and it turned out really cute!

I will post pictures soon.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beanie Marathon Weekend

The weather is 
getting cold again
which means 
its time for beanies!

I had a request 
from a little someone
who lives in Oregon 
for some new beanies
so I spent the weekend
crocheting beanies

They are a fun little distraction

Quick and easy to make

And they help de-stash

My ever growing pile of yarn

And now back to 
afghan crocheting….
I'm finishing up a