Saturday, December 28, 2013

This and That

I did get a chance 
to take a couple 
of pictures of the 
Christmas tree skirt
but they didn't turn out 
too well at night
I will try another time
in the daylight

I have been working on a
granny square blanket 
for my daughter in the
colors of her choice

I call them easter egg colors

I have a few squares to go
then the border
I think I will do pom-poms

Or will that be to juvenile?

I have already collected yarn
for my next project

I think I have a crochet addiction...



  1. Beautiful! I love your tree skirt! One ofthese days I'm going to make a granny square afghan. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! That afghan is amazing!! The Tree skirt is great too!! I am inspired by your work!! Thanks for giving us peeks at your creative goodies!!

  3. Ma plan is a new afghan. I love yours.

  4. Beautiful blanket, and I have collected yarn for about my next 20 projects, I think I might have a problem.

  5. I know what you mean Robin. I have always at least two things on the go and lots of creative ideas buzzing round my brain too! I love your blog. Emma

  6. A granny square christmas tree skirt! What a brilliant idea! :) Thank you so much for the inspiration - and for the vitamine boost of just scrolling down your fabulous blog :) I'll definitely come back often :)
    Greetings from Norway :)
    - Kristin -


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