Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blue waves

I have been working on this blanket
for almost a year its finally done!

I wanted my 6' son
to be able to wrap up in it
so its a very LARGE blanket

It has the feel of ocean waves

 All in blues & greens

I folded it up
sat it on the couch
and it was like
a cat magnet

Why do my cats like to lay
 on everything that I crochet???

I finished this tree skirt too
but forgot to take pictures of
it all done before I gave it away

I used mostly leftover yarn

Fortunately I gave it to
someone that lives nearby
so when I go over there
next time I will take pictures
of it around their tree

I used the pom pom edge on it
and it turned out really cute!

I will post pictures soon.



  1. That is a gorgeous blanket. Well worth the effort! And the tree skirt must be special if the cats like it so much. lol.

  2. Your son is going to love that blanket. They are never too old or too tall to be wrapped in something made from their Mom. Love the tree skirt.

  3. my cats like to lay on my crochet works too, lol.
    your work turned out gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous blanket, looks so snuggly.

    I made that tree skirt pattern last year. I like your idea of bobble edging. Looking forward to seeing photos as I'm tempted to have a go at it too :)

  5. Teu trabalho é realmente maravilhoso, tanto a capa e o cobertor ficaram lindos, volto para ver as fotos com a árvore, bjusss

  6. Your blanket is beautiful? love the Christmas tree skirt.

  7. Beautiful- What is the stitch on the Blanket? Thanks

  8. Thanks Jen I think its called Larksfoot

  9. I like your blanket ! I will follow your blog from now on !

  10. I made almost the same blanket for my son for the same reason! Mine is red and blue and took me 9 months to make! Yours is so pretty :)

  11. Robin- do you have a pattern for the tree skirt? It is gorgeous. Jen

    1. Jen the tree skirt is from Red Heart's website and the link is below. I added the pom-pom edge and there is a tutorial on my blog for it. I did adjust the granny square a little to make it smaller on top.



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