Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beanie Marathon Weekend

The weather is 
getting cold again
which means 
its time for beanies!

I had a request 
from a little someone
who lives in Oregon 
for some new beanies
so I spent the weekend
crocheting beanies

They are a fun little distraction

Quick and easy to make

And they help de-stash

My ever growing pile of yarn

And now back to 
afghan crocheting….
I'm finishing up a 



  1. They're fab, what happy colours. I think the first one is my favourite with the flower but I really like the one with the pompom too

  2. They are all fantastic, I love how you combined all the colors.

  3. I can't pick which one I like best! Colors, stitch choices, patterns...they are equally outstanding! I've never made a hat before..but these are so stunning...it would be fun to make them for charity!! Imagine how fun getting something this would be, so bright and colorful as well as functional?! It wouldn't feel like you were having to accept charity, putting others out. Being a burden. Guilty even (such a sad way to feel)! But you need this to keep your children and yourself (if there were enough for adults) warm. And, of course, at the sane time, extremely grateful to the crafter and volunteers that make these things possible! But add what youve done with one of these beauties would be such an exciting, special thing! It would feel like you were as special as everyone else and being spoiled because you were loved! A real treasure just for you. No matter how old we are, it's nice to have something unique and attractive, that you weren't expecting, come to you! Just lovely! I can't say enough (contrary to how much I'm blathering on) about how smitten I am with your hats!!! :-D

  4. I absolutely love your colours and projects. Where can I get the pattern for these beanies? I would love to crochet some of them.

  5. I absolutely love your colour selections. Where would I be able to get the pattern for the flower. I've seen many patterns but I love yours best..

    1. Michelle I dont remember what pattern I used but if you look at my Pinterest board http://www.pinterest.com/robinsanchez/crochet-flowers/ there are lot that you can choose from

  6. Just found your blog - and the Flower Power Valance. That will be my next creation for myself. I love how you use your 'stash' - I do the same. Leftover yarn from projects get made into hats and donated to the local shelter or to the Hat Box Foundation, who give them to cancer patients and others in need. http://www.hatboxfoundation.org/home.html


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