Friday, March 3, 2017

Well Hello Molly

I have been crocheting forever
 and for the past few years
it has been my obsession..


I work, sleep and crochet
(ok sometimes I play with my beads and clean)
It's just my thing

I usually stick to easy things
like beanies and afghans

Recently I was asked to make
a Molly Weasley sweater

I didn't know who Molly Weasley was

After lurking around
on Ravelry and Pinterest
for a bit
I found the perfect pattern
here on Ravelry

*Coat of Many Colors*

But my friend didn't want
the sweater 
that came with the sleeves
She wanted a shrug type sweater

Back to Pinterest and Ravelry
and I found this one 

It was perfect!
This is what the hybrid looks like

And here is my 
daughter in law wearing it
so I could take 
some pictures before I
sent it off

Actually this was a lot
of fun to make..
a bit challenging
but I learned a lot! 

Since my friend
lives on the east coast
I live on the west coast
there was no trying it on

I kept my fingers crossed
and mailed it off....

She LOVED it!!

The details and my 
modification notes
are on
my Ravelry page here

And now back to boring

♥ Crochet ♥

But thats ok.... 

Thanks for stopping by