Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girls Day Out

This weekend my granddaughter Savannah came to stay with me.   We started the weekend by stopping at Good Will on the way home from work Friday night…….she loves to buy dresses.  We always find something for her, in fact usually we find lots of things!!  She loves to thrift store shop with her nana.  This is her favorite find….a velvety purple dress with little flowers all over it.  She LOVED it so much she wanted to wear it to bed!! 

I asked her what it was that she liked so much about the dress.  Was it because it was purple?  Was it because it was fuzzy and comfy?  Nope it was because it had a bow. 


Saturday we were up early and headed down to San Diego to Ikea….my favorite store to buy things for my apartment. 

Ok ready to go….got my cupcake purse (full of goodies including hidden chocolate) that nana made for me and my magnifying glass.



How do you like my flower hat??


I bought my wall unit and desk for my studio at Ikea and I needed more storage boxes.  Then there’s that lighting  fixture that I have had my eye on that I want to put over my desk.  The fun thing about Ikea is they have a play area for the kids while you shop (and only for one hour so you cant get into too much trouble) then after you shop there are hot dogs and yummy cinnamon rolls on the way out.  Next we headed to Cool Scrapbook Stuff and Stamping Details in Poway – conveniently located just down the street from where my daughter lives.   As I was checking out at the last store Savannah was helping me put things on the counter.  The lady commented on what a good helper she was for mom.  Savannah replied “she’s my mom’s mom not my mom”. 

After shopping of course we had to stop by the park.





Another fun girls day out……now my little shopper must go back home to mom.  I’m having fun with this one because my daughter doesn't like shopping thrift & craft stores. 



  1. Oh Robin, Your granddaughter is just so cute, love the purple dress and purse. Sounds like you had such a wonderful time. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Savannah is such a sweetie! She has good taste in VELVET with bows! ;)
    I still cannot believe that your daughter doesn't like thrifting & craft stores...amazing! Looks like Savannah might be your little creative assistant afterall!!!
    I hope your weekend ends as great as it started :)

  3. good gravy! you're a grandma! Savannah has taste: I'd snap up that dress too if it were in my size!

  4. Gasp! You're too young to be a granny! Your little Savannah is a real cutie - it sounds like you had a wonderful day. Love the cupcake purse!!


  5. Savannah is just so cute and she looks so adorable in her new vintage dress! It's amazing that she loves thrift stores. Good for you to have such sweet company!

  6. she's absolutely adorable! I think that is so CUTE that she said "She's my moms mom!" LOL! You CERTAINLY do not look like a nana, have got to be the coolest, hippest, prettiest Nana ever!


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