Sunday, January 24, 2010

My first post.........

Ok.....I have given in to peer pressure (you know who you are). Tina was here today and got me started on my way to blogland. Don't expect too much.......I don't know what I am doing quite yet!!

So for practice I thought I would post a photo of the bib necklace that I made for a current swap I'm in over at Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group. Its for Teri and I think it turned out awesome for my first try at a bib necklace. Hmmmm, Teri it may get lost in the mail = I love it so much I want to keep it.
Ok I gotta do laundry so I have something to wear to work tomorrow.


  1. Robin your amazing art just kills me! I am so jealous this was not for me te he he! :) Keep up the amazing work.

    Hugs Cassandra

  2. I am so glad you FINALLY have a blog. Just keep posting all of your amazing creations and we will be happy to OOh and Ahh! Pam

  3. Hi Robin, Congratulations on your beautiful blog. I love the necklace you made for me. I can't believe its mine. You did a wonderful job, it is soooo beautiful. Glad to see you in blog land.

  4. Yay Robin!!!!!

    You have a blog now!!!!

    Do you KNOW how excited I am now???? Now I get to add you to my side bar of FAVORITES!!!!

    Only one thing though...I'm soooooo jealous that bib necklace is not MINE! I know, I'm greedy. I am very thankful to this day of the one you gifted me at Silver Bella...I just want them ALL!

    (now I know everytime I come here, I'm going to be sickly jealous of your beautiful work) tee hee!!!!

    You are amazingly talented girl....I wish we lived closer together!!!!

    Miss you lots~
    everything vintage

  5. Can't wait to see more!! LOVE the neclace- it is a true work of art!
    Welcome to BLOGLAND!!
    Lisa H. in Arkansas

  6. Welcome to the blogosphere.Your bib necklace is gorgeous. How could you let it go? Come for a visit.


  7. Oh my gosh- your necklace is sooo gorgeous!!! Delightful work!

  8. Hi Robin-
    Yeah! So glad you are jumping into the great vast world of blogland. :) And so glad we are working on the Victoria book, I'm always wanting to insert "Marie" in there too!
    p.s. that necklace is absolutely TO DIE FOR girl.

  9. Hi Robin! So glad to see you here! Now I can keep up with all the amazing things you create. I just LOVE that necklace.....I've been gathering a few things to make one too.....yours is just beautiful!

  10. I'm so excited that you have ablog are so talented and everyone should be able to see your creations. :)

  11. The bib necklace is so beautiful. I certainly understand why you would want to keep it! Guess you will just have to make more of them. How about doing a tutorial on how for one of your posts!

  12. Hi Robin!
    I am a fellow SB 2009 myself and I followed you over here from Sue's blog. Just wanted to say welcomed to blogland and I will keep visiting you!
    Your necklace is astoundingly beautiful as is your blog ~ many heartfelt blessings, Katie

  13. Hi Robin, Welcome to blogland! Jodie told me that you make the most wonderful bib necklaces and she is absolutely right! This is just gorgeous!
    It's very nice meeting you!

  14. This is SUPER fantastic! So much class!


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