Sunday, April 11, 2010

Go Skate……

Today was Savannah’s birthday party at her grandfathers’ house { I will post about that later when I have more time} This is how the day ended……


If you look under the tree {its kinda hard to see} on the left just below the hill, you will see the top of the ramp.  Right above where the people are standing is the bottom of the ramp.  You see my ex-husband lives next door to a 12 time X Game winner and this is his skate park.   Its the largest skateboard ramp in the world!!  So anyway we were all standing there watching them practice.  My youngest son hangs out there all the time {he’s got connections} and he said “you want me to go see if we can all go over there and watch them?”  Everyone was like YEAH!  So he ran off and and returned ……..”he said come on over”.  So off we went over the fence and thru the bushes down the trail to THE ramp.  You have no idea how BIG this thing is till you are there next to it.


The ramp is longer than a football field, 75 feet high and they reach speeds up to 55 miles per hour and jump across a span of 70 feet (trapeze netting is in place under the jump for safety).




Ohhh…. and if you haven't guessed this skate park belongs to Bob Burnquist.  What a nice guy!!



This guy drives them to the top of the ramp and they skate down.






Is this CRAZY or what????

This is Edgar Vovo.

DSC03482 DSC03475

So………. that was a fun unexpected experience at the end of the party.  And here is the birthday girl….



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