Sunday, November 25, 2012

My new favorite lamp

I bought a vintage jar type lamp a while back and had an old wire lampshade sitting on it 
f o r e v e r.  
Recently while at an estate sale warehouse I saw a wire lampshade with vintage scarves tied around it.  Since then this idea has been in stuck in my head.  Ive gotta find some scarves for my empty lampshade.  Every thrift store I visited I was on the hunt for scarves.

While at Spellbound - which by the way was an amazing event - we had an excursion to the Rose Bowl flea market and I was on a mission to collect myself some scarves.


There were a couple booths that had a huge box of them for me to dig thru and they were cheep.

Today I had the chance to sit down 
and create my lamp.

I love the way it turned out

Now my lamp is complete

But as I look at the pictures I'm thinking now I should paint the wood base a bright color to match the scarves.

Maybe its not complete...yet?



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