Monday, August 12, 2013

Ta Da.....

Well it seems I have been 
f o r e v e r

Its done except for 
weaving in some of the ends 
....which can wait a while
you cant see them can you???

HA.......the blue one needs the ends woven in too....I hate that part

I started looking around the internet
for my next project 

I came across this 
crochet along on
littlewoollie's blog

Im somewhat of a perfectionist
so I hesitated on making this
because she mentioned that
the ends may become uneven
because of the different stitches

Which means to me a LOT
of counting and paying attention

But I really like the color
and the different stitches
so.....I went thru my yarn 
and gathered the colors that
were similar to hers and got started

So this is is how far I got 
over the week end
and I am enjoying the process

Its not the colors I normally choose
but I really like it!

To keep track of the stitch count I 
put small safety pins 
every 20 stitches

As I complete the row
I move them up and this has 
worked really well to keep
the stitch count consistent

As I look at the pictures here
Im thinking.....

What have I gotten myself into???



  1. ha ha ha BUT ik looks great ♥♥♥

    hugs jenneke

  2. What a whimsical afghan! I love all the colors and patterns. So cheerful and happy. :-)

  3. I love your blankets and the one from Jules, you will have a lot to catch up on, love the colors.

  4. I have that blanket on my list! Gorgeous finished blanket!

  5. I love that you started this blanket. I started it yesterday and am on row17....I love the mix of colors and like you, was hesitant when she said that the Catherine's Wheel might make things uneven. It looks great but I did make a BIG mistake, not gonna fix it now....I forgot to add the 2 extra stitches in the base. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

  6. beautiful! I love both of them. I really want a granny square afghan too, but I know I dont have the patience to make one!

  7. What a lovely blog you have -and your latest plankets looks great!! :-)

  8. I have a huge stash to use up - I LOVE this blanket! I get bored of making ones with the same stitch over and over - this will keep me awake!!
    Thanks for sharing :)


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