Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rainbow Unicorn

A few days ago I was looking thru
Pinterest and came across 
a unicorn beanie at Repeat Crafter Me

I do have to admit I let out
a little grand daughter
is obsessed with unicorns

Especially RAINBOW unicorns

Being the yarn hoarder that I am
I had everything I needed
except the green yarn

The beanie was easy

But the mane and the ears
took a couple tries
to get them right

I did modify the ears
and added a couple rows 
to the horn
unicorn does need a
substancial horn ya know

Im tickled with the 
way it turned out
and I can't wait
to see the look on her face
when I give it to her



  1. That turned out really cute! It'll be her favorite hat I'm sure! I'm new here. I found you through Lacey Crochet blog. It looks like we share a love of crochet. Following you.

  2. That looks one epic hat, she's so going to love it.
    Well done, lovely work.
    Sally xxx

  3. I had some issues with mastering the mane on mine as I found 6 inches to be too long and too heavy. did you modify the length of the yarn that you cut for the mane?

  4. katmdonovan I made the toddler size and Im thinking it may be too big for a 4 year old - we shall see tomorrow. I did cut the bangs in front but the mane in the back is the 6" length with very little trimming to even it out. I think if the hat were any smaller I would use less yarn for the mane. I think too if I were to make another one I would place a row of the mane in the back to kinda see where I want the horn to be.

  5. That is an awesome hat!! I always loved unicorns when I was little. :) and I appraciate the crochet talent....not something I have.

  6. How totally cute!! I've just been looking through your last few posts. LOVE the pom-pom edging and I'm dying to try it! Love your sampler blanket too. I STILL have not sewn in all my ends so I can edge it and show it on my blog! Ugh.

  7. This is REALLY CUTE(!) Such a great idea! :-)
    *SMILES* from Denmark //Lisbet
    Finally on Instagram LLLogCo.


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