Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Silver Tree

For a while I have been wanting
a vintage silver Christmas tree
I looked at them on Etsy and
Ebay and even told Tracy
(at my favorite place to 
get all things vintage)
to keep an eye out for one

A few weeks ago I went into
Kohls to buy a bra...
my least favorite thing
in the world to do...
and spotted 2 seven foot silver trees
sitting in the center of the 
Christmas clearance aisle

They had been used as display trees
for their Christmas ornaments
and I had lovingly admired them
the last time I was there
After looking at their website
to see if I could have one
of my very own
I found out that those
trees were $499.99!!
Don't think so

I looked...walked away..
looked again…walked away 
…and came back again
It was calling my name..
Robin come back
You need me

After having a discuss 
with the store manager
(because I had a price of $100 or less in my head)
it was decided that I
could have an additional
30% off the $124.99 price

YES…silver tree 
you will be coming home with me!!

So I brought it home
and set it in my living room
Admiring my new tree each day
I didn't want to put it away
for a   l o n g   year

I decided it needed a skirt
to match my collection of
vintage Shiny Brites
that will adorn it next year

So I went thru my stash of
yarn and found the colors
I wanted and it all
came together

I picked up some buttons
at Walmart and
another project complete!

It looks great under my tree

I love the pom pom edge

The pattern for the tree skirt
can be found here at
(image from her blog)

I did add the 
buttons and pom pom edge
(tutorial on a previous post)

I will be retiring
my little pink tree

♥I still love you little pink tree

 I have already started
another project

Imagine that!

Crochet on…



  1. Beautiful tree and tree skirt! What wonderful luck! (And talent!)

  2. Gorgeous tree and skirt. The edging is the perfect finishing touch and yay for getting a bargain!

  3. I think that beautiful tree needs to stay up year round. You can decorate it for Valentine's Day. I love the new tree skirt, very fun.

  4. A beautiful tree, I also would want that up for quite awhile.
    And such a pretty tree skirt.
    Sally xxx

  5. Tree skirt is beautiful, gorgeous colours and pom pom edge. Next christmas must feel like a long time to wait...
    You'll need more baubles... Little pink tree is small in comparison. I so want a real tree one year.... Maybe THIS year!

  6. So envious of your silver tree, it's WOW!
    Pat x

  7. I bought a small 4 1/5 ft tree. always wanted a small one to leave up and put seasonal items on
    so right now I hv vday up and next wl be spring/easter and love the white lights that shine daily xo

  8. I am excited for you. I really love the silver trees, and purchased several tabletops this fall. I remember when they were so popular, with the rotating color wheels. I am in love with your tree skirt. The bright colors are spectacular.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your tree skirt is so beautiful!! I love love the pink and the edging is to die for! It looks perfect with your silver tree.

  10. Hi Robin, I thought I would try and comment again and it worked! I love your silver tree and really love your beautiful tree skirt! Just Beautiful! Have a great day. Hugs, Terri


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