Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bright Crochet Waves

I can't believe that its
been almost two months
since my last post

Where has the time gone??

I have been busily working on this
wavy blanket

With bright pink pom-poms
(tutorial here)

And lots of color

A fun birthday gift for my
oldest grand daughter
who's turning 8

Now back to weaving in the ends of this

So many ends
So little time

I love making these 
mixed stitch striped blankets
This is the third
But I hate weaving in the ends!



  1. I love the blanket you made for your granddaughter, colours and everything. With regards your blue blanket, why don't you next crochet over the tails, this way no tedious sewing in ends.look forward to seeing your finished blanket x

    1. jabot sometimes I crochet over the ends and sometimes I don't. I always do with Granny Squares. With this blanket I tried to but it was making the edge larger and being the perfectionist that I am, well it just didn't look right to me. I also decided to weave in then back to the edge, split the yarn and tie off. That way I can crochet over them when I do the border. This is for a small child and that way the ends will stay hidden.

  2. Both of these blankets are stunning! I love the colours and the mixed stitch stripe is something I really want to try one time!

  3. OMG! They are just gorgeous, love especially the 2nd one, they are my fav colours. I crochet ends in as I go, I would never crochet if I had to sew ends in once I thought I had finished. Did you follow patterns for them or did you just wing it? :D

    1. Sue I used the ripple pattern from Attic24, and the mixed stitch was inspired by littlewoolie's CAL blog posts - this is my 3rd so I just picked the stitches I like.

  4. Wauw your ripple stitch blanket looks beautiful and so does the onther one!!!


  5. Love both of them! I especially love the pom pom edging to the wavy one.

  6. Your granddaughter will LOVE this! Those are some knock-your-eyeballs-out bright colors! So pretty with the pom-poms too. And your stripy blanket is gorgeous. Can't believe you have made three of them. I remember those horrible ends to sew in! It's worth it though.

  7. I love, love that crocheted blanket!!

  8. these are stunning-we love using the same colours- you are a kindred spirit! see my work :etsy.com/shop/thespannerworks
    happy hooking

  9. Both of your blankets are gorgeous - but my favourite is the bright ripple blanket with the cute pom-poms, what a fabulous present to recieve. I am five rows short of completing a ripple bed runner for my mum's birthday.

  10. Gorgeous goodies! :) Pat xx

  11. I love both of your blankets! Simply amazing work! What yarn/colors did you use for them? I love the bobbles on the first blanket.

    1. I like to use Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn. It is so soft and works up nicely. Sorry I didn't really keep track of the colors.

  12. Found your blog via a FB on your Flower Power Valance post. Love the bright colors your work with. You have a new follower!!!

  13. Gorgeous blankets :)
    Colourful greetings from Norway :)

  14. Your work is gorgeous!!! Congrats :) New follower here.

    The last blanket looks amazing, even without weaving the ends in.

  15. There is a u tube video about knitting in your ends as you go if that is knitted. I couldnt really tell.

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  17. What yarns did you use for your blankets? The colors POP!!!!

    1. Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn......and I do love their yarn! It works up so soft and cuddly

  18. Robin. I would love to have the patterns for your striped blankets above. Do you have a tutorial on these?

    1. The bright wavy one is from Attic 24 here


      I used random colors.

      The blue one is my own pattern but there is one kinda like it here


      Good luck!

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