Sunday, May 18, 2014

Czech Beads and a Bird Nest

A few weeks ago a friend and I 
went to the bead show in San Diego

I was on a mission to 
come home with some Czech beads

The kind with a dragonfly on them

They are my current obsession
…like I need more beads

Anyway I found only one booth
with the beads I wanted
Guess one is better than none!!

So I used some of them on an necklace
for my swap partner Terri Gordon

The swap was a necklace with
a birds nest flower as the 
focal piece

Do you see the dragonfly bead?
It makes me smile

This was a really fun necklace to make

I hope it tickles her fancy
as much as it does mine

I can wait to make more jewelry 
from my coveted Czech beads



  1. LOVE this necklace! just beautiful! I think she will love it!

  2. Amazing necklace Robin.

  3. Love this , the colors are stunning.. Terri is going to love it. Hugs wendy

  4. That is sooo adorable!! I just love how cute and fun it is!! I'm sure your partner will too!! :) Happy sweet day! xo Holly

  5. Hi Robin, I am so in love with your necklace, it is so gorgeous and I will treasure it forever! Thank you so much for creating such a gorgeous necklace for me! I feel so lucky! Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  6. Lindo demais.. Cheio de cor e harmonia .. parabéns!!

  7. I haven't visited in a very long time. Illness has been unwilling to compromise with my wishes. I am so glad I took trip to your blog tonight. This necklace is so very special! I love your dragonfly bead! I always have loved unique things, and a bead can be a very unique piece. Its like finding the most beautiful rock, washed clean by a streambed, sparkling and patterned so differently from the other rocks it is surrounded by. One in a million. Beads are the same way to me. How lovely, your jewelry. And this bead is it's crowning glory. :)


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