Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After MANY hours of work my Marie altered ephemera book is done!!

I joined a wonderful swap with the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group.  I was given 2 partners that I swapped trims, fabric, images, flowers, charms and buttons with.  The second part of this swap is to make a book with these supplies.  My partners were Terri and Debi and they both sent me the most WONDERFUL things to make my book from.

I decided to make a cloth book.

Here is the front cover.  I just love the vintage well worn look so I tea dyed most everything.


  I have never made a fabric book before so I just kinda winged it sewing on this and that and sometimes gluing it since I didn't think ahead.  I just made it look like it was sewed by zig zagging around the edge and then just gluing it on with tacky glue. (no one will ever know right?)


  Here is the inside cover.  I used burlap for the underneath piece and free form sewed flowers under tulle then embellished the page.


Here are the inside pages.  This one I used vintage gloves to hold the beautiful tags that Debi made for me.  You can see them peeking out the right side.  I forgot to pull them out when I took the photos.



The next page is the hankie envelope that Teri sent some goodies in.  It was pure white when I received it…….but I wanted it to look old so into the tea and oven it went (Teri I hope your OK with this).  It holds vintage postcards.


I just love the way it turned out.  It looks “naturally” aged.


Next page I used a vintage postcard I received and a page from a vintage book stamped and embellished.



This page is tapestry fabric with lots of tea dyed lace and of course Marie……


……and German glass glitter.


Let Them Eat Cake… second favorite page.  I used lots of trims to make a cake.



This is my favorite page……..the sewing page.  I just love the vintage aqua button card and all of the vintage things.  I'm not quite sure what the hook is for.  It was in a vintage sewing box I found.


Every girl should have a dress form with a pink tulle skirt. 



This page I incorporated the beautiful tags Teri sent me on a lace background with lots of flowers and bows.  I just love the tiny bird nest on the bottom. 



The inside last page is a bouquet of flowers in a lace bag.  One of my favorite things is the blue heart & pearl bracelet that Debi sent me.


I just love it!!


  And last but not least……the back cover made from pink velvety fabric and an ostrich feather. 



 Tea dyed lace goodness on the edge of the pages…..


and flowers peeking from the top….these are a few of my favorite things.


I'm pretty happy with the way this book turned out.  Thanks Teri & Debi for all the wonderful things and being my swap partners!!






  1. Wow..... this is just gob stoppingly gorgeous! Robin, you have such talent! I am in total awe....

    However, I am fairly certain that that hook thingy is for glove buttons.

  2. Robin, I am just in awe. Really I could look at your pages for days! It is all so unbelieveably GORGEOUS. (And inspirational!) I too, had such a great time with this swap. It's fun to get spoiled right?

  3. Oh Robin
    this is so gorgeous! You did such a beautiful job on the Marie Book. I haven't been able to start on my and will be leaving for a trip...your lovely book is such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing this amazing piece of art Pinkie Denise

  4. Oh, Robin your book is STUNNING!!! The way you've arranged everything is just SO mouth is still hanging open!
    I love that you added the pocket from Terri to a page, I did the same thing!

  5. Oh, Robin, I love what you did, your book is to die for, I loved how you aged everything. It turned out sooooo wonderful. I am planning on getting back to mine this weekend. Thank you for sharing Robin, I love, love, love your book and isn't wonderful you keep it. Terri

  6. I am flabbergasted!!!!!!!!!! this is just a piece of art. It must have cost you ages to make it.
    Can't find the words to tell you how much I love it!

  7. This is the most scrumptious Marie book!! Wow!

  8. DEELISH!!! Over the top gorgeousness..a thing of beauty. The swap of embellishments has been a real to get going on mine! eeek. You have set the bar, my friend. Please put some of these photos on the site they simply MUST be showcased.

    xox Rella

  9. Yummy!!!! This is fabulous. You have a great eye for putting all this lace and frou frou together. Thank you for sharing.

  10. You are so freakin' talented Robin. Just beautiful!

  11. I am in love with your book, it's gorgeous! I think the hook is an old shoe button hook, but someone else said glove buttons... could be either I guess!!


  12. So much work in this book, wow! well done ^_^ Virginie

  13. It's gorgeous, and I can see why it took hours! Exceptional work!

  14. Robin,
    That is breathtakingly beautiful. I am just aghast! I know that I am in for a treat when I see the "Marie" swap group but this far exceeds anything I have seen, anywhere.

    You in very, very gifted.


  15. That is one gorgeous book. By the way Robin, you won my Summer blog giveaway stash in Peach. I will need your address please. Congrats!

  16. That is unbelievable. So pretty. I have never made a cloth book.

  17. wow robin, this is such a beautiful fabric album you did with so much vintage things. looks gorgeous. TFS


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