Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A hot (colorful) mess

How does it get like this so fast???

I spend time rolling everything up neatly
 and then after rummaging thru it looking for the right colors for
one project 
its like this again

I think I need a better system

More little books in the works for a swap on the Marie Antoinette swap group I belong to.

 Heres are my little books in progress

They will be part of a 
wonderful charm necklace

I will post pictures of the finished necklace as soon as everyone in the group receives theirs

I have the tutorial for these 
little books almost done
I will post it in the next 
couple days

Stay tuned....



  1. Love the hot colourful mess.... my family calls the yarn pile by my chair 'the farmer's market'. I try to keep it in order but sometimes it takes on a life of its own. Love your little books... so looking forward to the tut'! :)

  2. Robin I feel the same way about my yarn, oh and thread don't get me started on that! Lovely books.

  3. Love the site Robin!!

    I just purchased a yarn ball winder that I believe will help organize my hot mess that's currently taking over my basement!! $45 on amazon and it rolls 10oz balls. I'm so excited!!! Is that wrong?!?! Lol

  4. I keep my yarn in plastic zip-lock bags. Use the smaller ones for just 1 ball, the larger ones for several balls of one color. Hope that helps.


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