Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eeeek....Im becoming my grandma

Im crocheting on anything 
I can get my hands on.....
is that bad?
(Im sure I still have hot pads and a crochet poodle TP cover 
stashed somewhere in a box that my grandma made me)

I sooo remember her doing things like this!!

Its different now right?  
Crocheting is "in"
(Im sure she thought the same thing....right???)

Oh but wait....I am a grandma

If your interested.....

Im giving it to someone special...
like my grandma would!!



  1. Just found your blog today and I'm loving the inspiration!!

  2. I just bought a bunch of jars on sale at Target to do this very thing, you are right crochet is IN!

  3. He he he... you're safe. If you want to be sure, check thrift stores to see if there is an abundance of THE EXACT SAME jar covers. I'm sure that all you'll see is crocheted poodle TP or bottle covers in avocado green. Carry on, you're fine! :D

  4. I just became a grandma for the 5th time last night. New follower.

  5. You are not your grandma until you hoard old Wonder Bread bags and reuse tin foil ;-) Love all you work!


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