Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Blooms

When I saw this yarn the other day at Joann's
(I just ran in to purchase 1 skein for another 
project I am working on..HA...really)

I knew it had to be mine

I fell in love with the colors

I thought this would be 
a good use for it 

Finished it today 
(its going to be a gift)

This time as I was working on the 
half flowers on the sides wrote 
down the pattern

I will post it in a couple days
when I figure out how to write it
so you can understand it 

While I was at Joann's 
picking up one more skein of orange 
yarn to finish this project
 I needed wanted yarn for this
shawl that I saw on scottys-place

Isn't it gorgeous????

** L O V E **
the colors

They had the yarn and it was on sale
started working on it Thursday 
Its coming along nicely

But... when I was was 
lurking looking around on the 
internet last night 
I found the Elise Shawl on Ravelry

Its so light and airy and the comments 
said how quick and easy it is
(one said 2 hours....really???)
The pattern I already started is with a smaller hook and taking 
soooooooooooo long

I grabbed another skein of yarn 
and started the Elise

I think I like this one better
and I'm going to continue on it
.....for now

I {{love}} this Deborah Norville
Serenity Garden Yarn



  1. Need indeed!! Lovely colours and love the finished result! Gorgeous! :)

  2. Your curtain is so lovely! And your shawls are looking great!
    I have to come back here again:)

  3. That curtain is incredible! Also, do you have a pattern anywhere for the lovely flower granny circle type thing? New to your blog and just love it!

    1. The mandela (thats what they are calling them these days) pattern is here as a pot holder -I just didn't make the backside

    2. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  4. Robin your crochet amazes me, so perfect! I am making Pammy Sue's Boho shawl at this moment, I am almost finished. A friend gave me knit pics sock yarn so I am making it for her. It is much smaller as the yarn is so thin and I really did not want to add another yarn, it will be more of a triangular scarf I think. Thanks for the link to Elise Shawl, that just may be my next project.

  5. This curtain rocks! Love the lively colors. :-)

  6. I ADORE the crochet curtain - simply beautiful!

  7. I love your cortain, but all project are beautiful!

  8. Love the Japanese flower curtain/pelmet not sure how you describe it..beautiful x

  9. Wow> I love this curtain. Cannot wait for you to post the 1/2 flowers! The color combo is just gorgeous. I also love that shawl. So glad I found your blog such and inspiration!

  10. Funny, this yarn looks exacly the same as the one I used recently for my shawl!
    I also loved the colours!


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